This is the place where you can get excited and nerdy about all things architecture.

noun: architecture

1.     the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.

2.      the style in which a building is designed and constructed, especially with regard to a specific period, place, or culture.

Origin: Mid 16th century: from Latin architectura, from architectus

Oxford English Dictionary

Interesting fact

‘World Architecture Day marks the anniversary of the founding of the Union International des Architects (UIA), which was established in the year 1948 to unite architects universally. Celebrated on the first Monday of every October, this day is celebrated to “remind the world of its collective responsibility for the future of the human habitat”. ‘ Source

Architecture is not a mystery. It is for people. It is the interpretation of their ideas, feelings and the place around them into a physical form.

Architecture is something to get excited about, so get excited!

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Little Book

I have written a little Book with my take on t h e p r o c e s s of architecture.


Little Blog

Read my thoughts on architecture and how it fits with our everyday lives in the little Blog.


Little Inspiration

Take a look at the e r a Pinterest boards with inspiration in pictures! Or join us for a natter on Instagram.




Richard Leplastrier is an Australian architect based in Sydney, New South Wales. His work is sensitive, thoughtful and subtle with an emphasis on delicately connecting materials, particularly timber. His experience in boat building is evident in his architectural work.


Mac Ruff is my favourite architectural artist. He was an American born architect who lived a good portion of his life in Papua New Guinea. While there, he collected local artwork and expressed his interpretation of the local vernacular architecture in his drawings. Although he is now deceased, you can see his work online. Check it out! It is beautiful and inspiring.

Jane King is an artist based in Perth, Western Australia. She creates incredible prints with pigment ink. I love her images of Fremantle. See her work at Future Shelter online or instore.

Blue Lawn Designs are screen print makers based in Fremantle, Western Australia. They create screen prints of local natural and architectural forms printed on different surfaces, such as fabric and plywood. See their work online.


Mud Brick and Earth Building The Chinese Way by Ron Edwards and Lin Wei-Hao - Published by the Rams Skull Press

Every page of this book is filled with practical information and beautiful hand drawings. i have had this one for years and every time I open it up it excites and inspires me.

The Lemonade Stand Exploring the Unfamiliar by Building Large-Scale Models by Maurice Mitchell - Published by the Centre for Alternative Technology

Dwellings by Paul Oliver - Published by Phaidon

Introduction to Architectural Science The Basis of Sustainable Design by Steven V Szokolay - Published by Architectural Press

Beyond Shelter Architecture for Crisis Edited by Marie J.Aquilino - Published by Thames and Hudson

Sketch Books

I take a standard plain page A5 110gsm with me almost everywhere I travel.

Whether you use the little things I have made for you, or whether you would like to work with me one on one, let’s start the journey in working together to find your architectural language and make your little ideas a reality.