Making Memories

Making little things and little memories for little people and big.


Tee Pee

The tee pee emerged from a dream to build a house for little tackers.

It is their permanent cubby and home.

Made from calico, bamboo poles, rope and hand stitched.

Tee Pee.jpg
2016-11-03 17.15.21.jpg

Pillow Bed

Little people are such an inspiration.

Especially when they are pulling your pillows off the sofa to lay on them on the floor.

So we made them their own pillow bed.

2013-02-24 09.19.25.jpg


Made for a pregnant friend to use when breastfeeding her new little one, this pillow was made with love.

The pillow case is made from corduroy with black stitching and leather button strap.

She is a beach girl so a shell was incorporated as a button to close off the end of the pillow case to the stuffing inside.

2013-02-24 09.23.54.jpg
2013-02-24 09.27.11.jpg
2016-09-14 12.59.33.jpg
2016-09-01 13.26.03.jpg


Every now and then I get inspired to make some earrings - timber, fimo, and co …

When I am not wearing them myself, I give them away to friends :)

2016-09-01 12.57.45.jpg
2016-09-01 13.24.39.jpg
2015-11-02 14.55.34.jpg
2015-12-08 14.22.30.jpg

Tote Bag

I was inspired one year and decorated tote bags as gifts to the women in my life. Each had a a personal tone specific to each woman.

2015-03-03 21.57.58.jpg

Gift Cards

We make all sorts of cards for birthdays, Christmas and special events.

This is one of my favourites made to thank the wonderful women at the childcare our children attend.

2015-03-03 21.59.20.jpg
2015-03-03 21.58.34.jpg
2012-10-18 22.23.12 - Copy.jpg

Folding Picture Frames

These folding picture frames were made as a gift and to hold photographic memories.

They are made from solid jarrah, hinged at their centre and can be stood vertically or horizontally.

Each photograph slots within the chiseled zone and is open - there is no glass.

Chiseling into solid jarrah is a labour of love!

Design Copyright to Richard Lang

2012-10-18 22.23.23.jpg
2012-10-18 22.23.12.jpg
2012-11-24 16.11.00.jpg


This lamp was made as a gift and memory of trips traveled.

One side of the lamp shows two walks in plan layout, the other side shows both walks in the elevation covered.

When the lamp is turned off, the maps cannot be seen, however when the lamp is turned on, the maps are illuminated.

The lamp is made from skirting boards notched to interlace and create a square. The lamp shade is made from calico and leather. The lamp and shade are hand notched, drawn and stitched.

Design Copyright to Emma Lang

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