Making Moments

Some of the little things we have made in our time together.

era-coffee table 01


This coffee table started it’s life as a hanging chair - made with love, but not with practicality in mind :D

After failing as a chair, it was re-made into this table, which has been SO useful and a personal addition to our living room.

The timber is West Australian Jarrah on both sides with Tasmanian Oak and Form Ply on the top.

The images on each panel are personal reminders of the travels we have taken together.

They are drawn in graphite and coloured pencil, then sealed with a clear surface sealant.

The crosses in the top surface are carved into the timber.

The frame is painted black matt.

Design copyright to Emma Lang

2015-01-31 14.33.42.jpg
2015-02-14 16.36.19.jpg


This plate rack was a dream made reality when we received some beautiful crockery as a gift and realised our toddler was pulling himself up on the not-so-stable milk crate shelf racks we had erected to hold all our crockery and glasses.

Voi-la - plate rack, associated shelves and enclosed cupboard space.

the carcass or box is made from form ply | the vertical and horizontal strips are made from tasmanian oak | the adjacent shelves are made from salvaged jarrah threshold plates that used to be part of our house | the low level cabinet was collected off the side of the road, buffed up with form ply shelf added and doors painted black

Design Copyright to Emma Lang


Climbing Wall

The idea to build a climbing wall in our shed sprang from reducing the time to travel to an indoor climbing gym while increasing climbing time on the wall.

As the birth of our first mini mustard approached, the indoor wall was erected, but it turned into a place for kids and adults alike :)

the framework is natural pine in standard sizes | the face of the wall is plywood sheet in standard sizes

2014-03-19 16.53.41 - Copy.jpg

Garden Seat

This garden seat began with the idea to sit in the area of the garden where the last light shone at the end of a winters day.

It was made a reality when our first mini mustard was on his way to arriving. The first week of his life was spent finishing the seat so that we could all sit in it as a family :)

the structure is made from natural pine | the seat is made from jarrah decking material

Design Copyright to Richard Lang

2013-01-20 09.28.47.jpg
2012-11-03 18.01.24.jpg
2013-01-19 15.41.13.jpg
2013-01-19 15.18.53.jpg
2012-10-28 14.32.41.jpg

Raised Garden Beds

This idea began when we moved into our first home. We wanted to be able to grow herbs and vegetables, however the garden beds were shallow and it’s really hard to grow things in west Australian sand.

the existing garden beds were edged with concrete blockwork | the raised beds and bench are made with jarrah ‘sleepers’ | the sleepers and fence are lined with a waterproof membrane - aka plastic sheet | the hand basin was a bunnings reject we were lucky to pick up on sale | the tiles on the bench top are old tile samples | there are river pebbles under the bench | there is basil and tomatoes and beets and mint in the garden



This chair began it’s life in Tasmania and travelled across the country with me.

It had a facelift and a new life in the garden of our first home.

2015-02-07 07.49.45.jpg

Floor Board Fence

The idea to erect a fence along our front boundary was born out of the desire of our neighbours to build an adjacent fence as well as the need to stop our dogs from shooting through the hedge to greet every passer by.

And so the floor board fence was born.

the structural posts are jarrah | the horizontal rails are jarrah | the reclaimed floor boards are jarrah

Off-cuts from the floor boards were laid as a path through our front garden.

2015-02-27 11.20.36.jpg
2014-04-02 17.07.17 - Copy.jpg
2015-02-07 07.48.09.jpg

Front Garden

The idea to re-shape the front garden in our first home sprang from creating something useful and beautiful, instead of living with the dead grass and tree that currently adorned it - oh and we wanted to add a bocce strip.

the main area is covered in wood chips | the bocce strip is crushed washed gravel | a bamboo strip divides the two parts | the mulch is punctuated by grasses, a young eucalypt and a frangipani cutting | the garden is surrounded by an existing hedge | we used off-cuts of the timber floor boards from the fence to create a path through the garden | we used an old saw horse to end the bocce strip | we used an old fire grate to hold our bocce balls


Palette Deck

This idea grew from the need to have a functional area on a zero dollar budget in a location where there was currently a concrete mess which would flood with water when it rained.

Enter, palette deck.

the structure of the deck is four salvaged palettes, held level and propped up with brickwork | the gaps between palette boards are pine timber from a single bed base | the nails are galvanised | the paving was salvaged from neighbours | the crushed washed gravel was leftover from the bocce strip we completed in our front garden | the little people are originals made by us

IMG_2606 - Copy.JPG


The idea for paving the driveway at our first home was all based on getting rid of the concrete wasteland which emitted such a negative energy every time you entered - I’m still cringing at the thought of how it was :S

So we salvaged paving from friends and neighbours to replace the concrete. Our contractor friend did a ripper day or more jack-hammering the existing concrete out and laying the paving on a bed of builders sand with a sprinkling of cement between.

IMG_8686 - Copy.JPG


The little idea for creating an additional paved area for our driveway came from the desire to step out of the car onto pavement instead of the grass of the verge. It also added a direct access to the letter box.

We used the paving to connect the surrounding area materials, including the newly paved driveway. The pavers were leftovers from the driveway and the gravel was leftover from the bocce strip. It was basically a connect lots of levels and use whatever we had type of exercise while 8 months pregnant - bending down wasn’t easy :D