What can you do?

I can guide or navigate you through the architectural process with a personal approach to your project. I am your information, support, sounding board and friend. Someone once told me that I have encyclopaedic knowledge, which is not entirely true! However, if I don’t have the answer to something you ask, I know that we can find it.

I’m in a different time zone, can we still work together?


Are you in Australia? I am registered as an architect in New South Wales, because that is where I reside. However I have practiced architecture in four states within Australia over a fifteen year period – Queensland, Tasmania, Western Australia and New South Wales – as such, I am most familiar with circumstances within these states. However regulations change, there are national, state as well as local requirements to consider when reviewing a projects requirements and as such, I could provide comment on any location Australia wide. I am sure we can arrange a time to chat which is mutually suitable.

Are you in another country? In that case, it may depend upon what type of questions you have to resolve. I am more than happy to review your enquiry to determine if we can work together. If we can, I am sure we can arrange a time to chat which is mutually suitable.

What is included in email support?

You can email me with queries and expect a reply within 24-48 hours. 

I’m ready to work together, what happens next? 

Get in touch! I look forward to hearing from you soon.