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you can design + build architecture specific to you

You Can Understand the Process - You Can design + Build spaces to make the lifestyle you wish for a reality - You can Live in your Own Unique Architecture Every Day

G r a b y o u r s e l f a b r e w a n d l e t ’ s g e t s t a r t e d . . .

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 However you choose to design + build, the little things that will make your architecture specific to you are for every one and every budget.

C h i l d r e n m a k e s o m u c h e f f o r t t o c r e a t e t h e i r o w n s p a c e – a cubby made with a sheet and spare chair, a house built under the leaves of a tree – t h e s e a r e o u r f i r s t h o m e s a n d t h a t n e e d t o c r e a t e o u r o w n s p a c e n e v e r l e a v e s u s .

I want to share the little ways you can design + build architecture that is specific to you, with people who cannot generally afford to engage an architect.

little things Made for You


made for you

I have written a little Book to help you understand t h e p r o c e s s of architecture.

I also share thoughts in a little Blog where you can read about my take on architecture with links to useful resources.

I have also made some little Templates to help you communicate your unique architecture to others. You can purchase my little Templates as practical tools to help you in your journey.

You can also receive little Letters sent by email directly from me.

made especially for you

I can prepare bespoke Documents for your project to help you on your way.

Or how about something more personal? Something little for your home … a hand made print of your place.

You can find all of these little things here.

 There is no right or wrong way to make architecture.

- the right way is the way that works best for you -


All you need is a p r o c e s s to help you find the information you already have and some t o o l s to help you in your journey.

.. hear the rain tap on your roof .. drink a glass of wine leaning on a railing looking out onto a view you’ve dreamed of .. eat your lunch sitting on a comfortable seat under the canopy of your own home .. feel the warmth of sunshine on your back as you drink your morning coffee .. feel the security of a bushfire strong home which is beautiful and practical ..

little ways we can Work Together


one on one

Would you like to work directly with me one on one? You can!

You can ask me question by email or chat with me one on one.

I am interested in your story.

I ask questions, listen to answers, look for patterns and help you interpret all the information you already have into your unique architectural language which can then be translated into a built form.

My job is to help you navigate the process, problem solve the best solutions and include the practicalities and beauty of architecture in your every day life.

I do this by keeping it simple – I help you take the information that you already have, find the information you are missing and interpret it all in combination to help you make architecture specific to you. 

Maybe you would like to run through your ideas to find clarity and direction.

Maybe you are submitting a Development Application or Building Application and aren’t sure of what is required by you.

If you’re feeling a little lost, unclear on something or would just like to chat through your ideas – you are not alone – you can ask me.


| i t ’ s t i m e t o e x p l o r e |

Your Place

Learn some of the little ways you can design + build your own architecture.

Our Place

Watch us design + build our own architecture - both big and small - including our rammed earth home :)


Architecture is not a mystery. It is made for people. If you‘re feeling nerdy, this is all things architecture. on Instagram

little moments of every day architecture

little Letters


Extras sent to your inbox

I share a little Letter sent by email to your inbox on the first day of each month that includes thoughts and practical architectural magic.

Each email will include

a l e t t e r from me with a little thing I have learned to share with you

a p r a c t i c a l t i p with a little way to help you find your architecture

a h e l p f u l l i n k to inspire and inform you

When you sign up to receive email letters each month, I will send you the following digital resource for free

a little Book about t h e p r o c e s s of making architecture specific to you

Get in touch so that I can send IT to you!

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