a little book made for you ..

a guide and workbook to help you find your way.

the Process



a l i t t l e w o r k b o o k i n t h r e e p a r t s

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F o r a n y o n e w h o h a s w o n d e r e d h o w t h e p r o c e s s o f a r c h i t e c t u r e p r o g r e s s e s ,  

h e r e a r e t h e s t e p s t o t a k e t o d e s i g n a n d b u i l d a r c h i t e c t u r e s p e c i f i c t o y o u .


the process of architecture is a series of actions or steps taken in order to realise the design and construction of a building.

Unsurprisingly, the steps occur one after the other.

It is only when all the steps completed that you can reach your purpose for making architecture specific to you.


a little letter from me to you ..


I believe that any one can design and build architecture specific to them.

Whether you take on all of the parts yourself or whether you employ others to help you, you can make your own architecture.

You may not have done anything like this before, but you already have the knowledge to make architecture specific to you and you can learn the process to make it happen.

The reason that I have sat down to write my take on the process of architecture is so that all the steps can be seen in one place. There can be a lot involved - often more than you can at first anticipate. It can seem overwhelming, especially when the people you are speaking with are using a design and construction language.

At the crux of the process are three simple parts.

I wanted to put down the process in every day language so that every one can understand it.

I wanted to guide you through the process with achievable steps in order to help you reach your end goal.

My hope for you is that you can move confidently through the experience and enjoy every moment - even the tough ones.

The process of architecture is not a one size fits all, and this book is not particular to you and your circumstance. Every person, place and project is different, so your circumstances will be specific to you. However, hopefully you can Use this as a base, do your own research and employ professionals that suit your circumstances to ensure you are on the right path.

Whether you are an individual commencing the process alone, or whether you are commencing the process with a team, I wish you all the best!

I may not be there with you, but I hope this little book will help you in some way.

So pour a cup of something that warms you and let’s get started!

Welcome to your architectural journey.


The Process.

Although the main crux of each step remains the same, every architect has their own slightly individual process for creating architecture - this is mine.

I see the process of architecture falling into three main parts:


Within each part are the steps that will help you design + build architecture specific to you.




PLACE The Where


PROGRAM The Numbers

PARTS The Products




PLAN The How


PERMIT The Approvals

PAPERS The Documents



PROCURE Make it Happen

PACT The Contract


PROGRESS Communication

COMPLETE Live Your Lifestyle


Architecture Specific to You.

The most important part of the process for me is the first. The information you gather informs every other part of the process which follows.

There are three main pieces of information to gather when you begin.

P U R P O S E – P L A C E – P E O P L E

Once you have these three pieces, you can find your architectural language.

It really is the little things about your purpose, place and people that will make your own architecture unique to you and the every day moments you experience within it will be special to you.

Finding your unique architectural language – In a nutshell:


The Why

Understand your purpose - know your end goal.

Know what it is you want to achieve at the end of the day. Everything you do along the architectural journey is led by this single purpose.


The Where

Understand where you are - know your place.

Spend time on, and gather information about, your place to understand it’s constraints, potentials and personality.


The Who + What

Understand your content - know yourself and your family.

Understand yourself by defining your past, present and future - your values, needs and wants.



The Design

The unique combination of elements found in your purpose, place and people make up your unique architecture language.

When you take all of the elements that you have learned about your purpose, people and place, you will find patterns which when used in combination create a unique solution that works in every way for you – your own unique architectural language.

What is in this little book?

era-the process-patterns pages.jpg

This little book is not a precious document - it is a tool made especially for you to use to help you in your journey.

Write in it, draw on it and make it your own.

Who is it for

  • Anyone who is interested in the process to design + build architecture.

    • Whether your architecture is big or small.

    • Whether you have a large budget or small.

    • Whether you are purchasing a design ‘off-the-plan’, employing specialist consultants or doing it alone.

  • Anyone who would like to live design + build architecture specific to them, so that they can live in their own unique architecture every day.

What You will learn

  • The process of architecture as I see it.

  • Each part in the process and what its purpose is.

  • Each step in the process, what its purpose is and how it affects or is affected by other steps in the process.

  • How you can action each step in the process.

  • Where to start and how to finish.

What you will receive

  • My take on the process of architecture in as little as 85 pages - yes, I have a lot to say on the subject! And this is the short version :D

  • All of the information in one place so that you can look in detail at one individual step or see the process as a whole.

  • A description of each part in the process and what its purpose is.

  • A description of each step in the process, what its purpose is and how it affects or is affected by other steps in the process.

  • Tasks for you to do to take action in each step of the process. Ways to get you thinking and moving forward in your journey.

  • Tips for navigating and achieving each step.

  • A Checklist to mark off each step as you progress through.

  • Useful Lingo of commonly used design and building terms to help you converse with professionals.

When downloaded, this document will arrive in your inbox as a digital file in pdf format, ready for you to read on screen til dawn or to print out in hard copy and scribble all over in your own time.


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You can also read more about the process to design + build architecture in the little blog.

Whether you use the little things I have made for you, or whether you would like to work with me one on one, let’s start the journey in working together to find your architectural language and make your little ideas a big reality.