PLACE Property Information

PLACE Property Information



Preparation of a bespoke Property Information document especially for you.

I d e a l t o h e l p y o u c l a r i f y y o u r W H E R E

This is an entirely bespoke written document, because your requirements will depend on the location of your place as well as local council requirements.

As such, Emma has teamed up with her sister, Liz, to give you an interpretation of what you can do on your property - your place.

Liz is a senior town planner with experience practicing in three states of Australia in both private practice as well as in local council.

If you would like to work directly with Liz, you can contact her here.

A Property Information document is particularly useful as Pre-Purchase information for your Property to see if it is suitable for you, or for use to know your place and inform your design if you already own your property and wish to design and build on it.

How it works:

  • We will need to get to know your property by asking you and others a lot of questions.

  • We will receive answers.

  • We will collate all of the information we gather and deliver it to you in a Property Information document.

  • You can use your Property Information document to

    • Describe your place, its existing attributes and constraints to other people, such as professionals you will be working with.

    • Help you find a design ‘off-the-plan’ that will suit your place.

    • Remind you of what you need to be aware of and what you are obliged to comply with when designing your architecture and as you progress through the process.

Included in your Property Information document

-         Planning Information including Permitted Building Types, Setbacks and the like

-         Location of Existing Services including Power, Water, Sewer, Gas and the like

-         Weather Conditions including Prevailing Winds, Negative Weather Forces and the like

-         Documents required to be prepared and submitted for applicable permits and who you may be required to employ to assist you.

-         A Site Analysis Diagram showing the Property Information on a drawing including an outline of the building constraints

-         All applicable attachments we have collected, such as drawings provided by service providers or authorities.

We do not need to visit your place to prepare this document for you.
Your bespoke document includes the following:

-         A Questionnaire for you to complete and return to me before I can commence, which tells me all about your project.

-         A request for a document or information needed from you to complete the bespoke document you request [this may or may not be required].

-         Additional questions to refine the information acquired.

-         A digital download sent to you by email of your bespoke document in pdf format

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