era | PART 2 Put the Information for Your Architecture Together

Part 2

in the process to design + build architecture specific to you

your unique architectural language

When you take all of the information you have gathered and put it together in one place, you start to see patterns which, when used in combination, create a unique solution that works in every way for you.

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This is the fun bit :)

But you can’t do it without the information you have already gathered.

You need to gather information about your


before you can put all of that information together to find your architectural language and architecture specific to you. So, if you don’t have all of your information, head back here to find out more before reading further .

Put the information together.

Until now you have looked at gathering a lot of information in individual parts.

Now look at it all together as one.

Lay it all out together – writing, drawings, schedules, pictures – and see how it all works together.

Look for patterns

They are the links between seemingly disparate parts that when combined, will make your architecture unique to you.  

Your unique architectural language.

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I like to think of this step as overlaying all of the information you have gathered, which begins to link into place and sit comfortably with each other.

Common elements of architecture specific to you.

‘Before architecture becomes a building, it is a series of moments from your life that connect together to become an architectural language specific to you.’ - EMMA REGENT | Architect

Take your information and see it combined.

This is the information I start to put together to find a unique architectural language and as a result, architecture specific to the purpose, people, place, program and parts for every project:


PATTERNS Your design

Put all of the information you have gathered together in one place and look for patterns – they are the links between seemingly disparate parts that when combined, will make your architecture unique to you. 

Your unique architectural language.

Once you find the design elements of your unique architectural language, you can design your architecture!

Geez, there are so many ways to throw together a design! Everyone has their own way.

For me, design is where you begin to see everything that was individual before as one.

It is about taking all of the design elements – written or drawn – and translating them into a built form.



You have gathered all of your information, found your unique architectural language in a design.

A plan will make your architecture into a reality.

This is the time to go back to the question that was part of finding your purpose and decide how you would like to make your architecture. If you haven’t already worked it out, now is the time to make that decision real.

There are a number of options, but there will always be an option - whether that be a combination of more than one type or just one - that is right for you!



Who are your professionals? Who will be the team that will work with you to make your architecture come to life? These are the people that you will pay for their expertise.

And it really depends on your specific circumstances as to which professionals you will employ.

Your team of professionals will help you design and build architecture specific to you. No matter how you go about designing and building your architecture, there will always be people who will help you out along the way.

Permit Prep to Develop.jpg


You need permission from your local authority – usually known as council – in order to build on your land. Your permission to build comes in the form of a permit.

The first permit you require is a Development Approval which gives you permission to go ahead to develop your land.

You will need to submit a Planning or Development Application to be considered for Development Approval.

When you receive your permit to develop you can commence to develop your land, but you will need permission to commence construction first. Exciting times!

Permit Prep to Build.jpg


The second permit you require is a Building Permit which gives you permission to begin to build your architecture.

You will need to submit a Building Application in order to be considered for issue of a Building Permit.

Sometimes you can submit this application at the same time as your Planning or Development Application.

Your applications and permits may be called slightly different things in different places, but you get the idea.

When you receive your permit to build you can commence to construct your architecture! Even more exciting times!!



Your papers are all of the written and drawn documents you prepare as you gather information and put all of that information together. You will use these documents to communicate how to build your architecture, either to yourself or to the professionals who will help you.

Your papers include technical specifications, site plan, floor plan, elevations, sections, internal layouts, construction details that show the structure, construction and service components that will combine to make up your architecture.

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For you to Save



This is the second part in the process to design and build architecture.

If you would like to see how this part fits within the process, you may be interested in a little book I have written that sets out the Process in one place. It is a guide and workbook to help you through each step in your architectural journey.

The process is summarised in this little Blog post - era | the Process to Design + Build Architecture.

Each part in the process will also be broken down into its individual steps right here in this little Blog - so keep checking in to see the whole set!


Til next time!


Start the process to find your architectural language and make your little ideas a reality.

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